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Arno Nierich MD. PhD.
Chief Executive Officer

It is most rewarding to dismiss patients from the Intensive Care unit after a successful cardiac operation without complications. As a Cardiac-anesthesiologist/Intensivist, working during my entire career in the field of cardiovascular medicine, it is my mission to contribute to the safety and improved outcome of cardiac operations. Especially in the field of preventing cerebral damage by improving imaging of the distal ascending aorta. This was the basis for inventing the  A-View method and founding Stroke2Prevent.

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George Brandon Bravo Bruinsma MD. PhD.
Chief Medical Officer

As a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, and a Patient Safety Officer, I strongly believe in team performance to realize safe cardiac operations. Thanks to the innovative A-View imaging technique, cardiac surgeons have the possibility to adjust the operation strategy, when indicated. Together we can achieve the best outcome.

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Paul Damsteeg
Chief Operating Officer

Extensive experience in local and global companies mostly focussed on food and foodrelated production. Passionate to contribute on organizing a high performance supply chain,  special for high quality A-view medical supplies.

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Colin Rutgers
Quality Assurance Management

Continuous improvement to ensure only the highest quality products enter the market

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